Thursday, December 11, 2008

What our customers have to say about the benefits of our products!

• My husband is no longer on blood pressure meds after taking Acai and Noni/Mangosteen. Naps are no longer needed either and a lot of the aches and pains have diminished. We live at 9700 feet and the extra energy we both have from taking the Acai is really helpful---and not needing as much sleep at night is an extra bonus!Carol M.

• My Husband, Brother and Mother are all using your Acai Juice and are having wonderful results. Thank you.Karen R

• I like your web site very much, have learned a lot of useful information. I look forward to receiving my first 5 Acai! I'll keep you informed. Thank you. Lana C.

• I just received the Acai on Saturday. It smells delicious! Looking forward to the Goji. Thank you - Audrey• I received the order yesterday (Monday)...very quick! The juices are wonderful. Glad I found you. Ms. Morgan S.
• I used to buy exotic juices from a multilevel marketing distributor until I found Dr. Tim's Exotic Juices. I researched the Internet and found Dr. Tim's to be the best in taste, quality and price. Why would people buy from anyone else? Thanks Dr. Tim for your great products! - Tom C.

• Wow - Noni juice with good flavor?? I was surprised at how well your Noni Juice tastes. Noni is usually so bitter, but your formulation is not. I love that it tastes so good but also is giving me so many health benefits. Great product. - Joanie M

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