Sunday, December 7, 2008

Exposing the Front Men who are Marketing Acai Pills

First let's set the record straight and call out the "man behind the curtain". Just as in the popular film "The Wizard of Oz" when during Dorothy's dream she and the three others meet up with the terrible wizard. The wizard had built an elaborate hoax to convince all of the munchkins that the wizard was "all powerful" and "all knowing". Now I don't know everything in this world but what I do know is that websites such as,,, etc. are a real life incarnation of the "wizard". These are clever marketing folks who take a little morsel of the truth and morph it into a seemingly credible effort. They want the unsuspecting consumer to believe that they are an independent and unbiased information site.

The truth of the matter is that they are actively selling a product. Take this paragraph for example; "Among the most important things consumers should consider before buying an acai berry product is that the fruit is highly perishable and will begin to lose it nutritional punch within 24 hours of picked. The best way to preserve the nutritional properties of the acai berry fruit is to remove the pit from the fruit and freeze the skin and pulp and then either package the frozen skin and pulp for delivery or freeze-dry it. This is the only way to capture the full nutritional profile of the product."

The truth is acai has to be processed within four hours of picking not 24. After 4 hours the acai berry which is really a date begins to degrade and with in a few more hours and will turn rancid.

But how would they know this if they have never been there? They want you believe that freeze drying is the only way to preserve the "full nutritional profile". The truth is that all acai has to be frozen after processing or as already discussed it will spoil. Freeze drying or lypholization is process for taking a liquid and reducing it to a powder. It is subjected to extremes of temperature beyond those needed to freeze the juice during normal processing. It loses some of its potency in this process. It is true that freeze dried powder is more effective or potent than spray dried powder. They conveniently neglect to tell you about the sterilization process of the powder.

You see to use a powder of a fruit juice whether it is freeze dried or spray dried in this country it must go through a sterilization process. Two popular methods include steam sterilization and irradiation. Steam sterilization heats up the powder subjecting it to excessive temperatures. Irradiation exposes the powder to radiation. Now compare those methods to a method that cold concentrates the juice and keeps it pure and bioactive.

Powders will never be as potent, wholesome and effective as liquid.

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