Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why Do People Drink Acai Juice?

Why do people drink Acai juice? Is it because it tastes good? What happens to you when you drink Acai juice?

Acai juice comes from the Acai date palm fruit more commonly spoken of as a berry. In reality the Acai does not render juice as we have come to expect from other berries. The Acai skin is scraped away from a very dense large seed. This is then mixed into a pulp which releases the oils and deep purple color from the fruit. This pulp is used to make the Acai juice. Because Acai doesn’t have naturally occurring sweet sugars the pulp has a guacamole paste like consistency with a taste that is earthy and is more suited as a savory dish not a sweet juice. But then add a sweetener such as other fruit juices, honey or even sugar and the taste transforms into a cherry-berry chocolate flavor that is very unique.

Why buy 100% Acai juice? Most Acai juice that claims to be 100% is very expensive and tastes bitter and even rancid. So, I am not sure why anyone would buy 100% Acai juice. Even if you diluted it with other juices you add an unreasonable cost that is not necessary. I find that there are many Acai juices that are blends that contain 10 to 20% juice. I have only been able to find one juice that has a lot of Acai juice, over 85% that is blended with two other juices. The taste is remarkably smooth and very delicious. This is absolutely the only juice that tells you how much you are getting. The cost is reasonable as well. In fact, for the cost of buying one bottle of 100% Acai juice plus the other juices you buy to add to mix it with you can buy two bottles of Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai. Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai is ready to drink.

Why do people even drink Acai Juice? Acai has many reported and distorted pieces of information about what its’ real benefits may be. Reliably you can trust that Acai provides a very healthy amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants are key in fighting disease producing inflammation especially as it affects the heart. Some studies even show affects against certain types of cancer cells. There are also healthy fatty acids called omega 6 and 9, fiber, protein and anthocyanins. These elements also help boost the immune system. I think people drink Acai juice to feel good and to be healthy.

Acai looks to be a legitimate healthy addition to your diet. Acai juice that is high in Acai content and tastes good is the most sensible and reasonable way to get it. Look for the USDA Organic certification as this is a sign of quality.