Tuesday, January 12, 2010


St. George, Utah By now most of us are sick and tired of seeing all of those phony weight loss ads claiming Acai to be the driving ingredient in so many pills. We have been bombarded with so much information regarding the acai berry it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. Some of the ads were so believable that even I had to go back and search the scientific literature to re-check the facts. The reality of Acai is that even though it will not magically melt your unwanted fat from your body it still has some rather impressive qualities.

I want to make sure that everyone reading this article knows that we make Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai. We make this and other juices to taste as fresh as possible and protect the flavor integrity of the fruit. Now, in truth most of the exotic fruits that are marketed today including acai are not sweet and delicious. They are bitter and somewhat distasteful. There are some exceptions such as the inner fruit of the mangosteen and the maqui berry. Even the goji berry is tolerable. However the taste of many of these fruits is somewhat challenged because of the high level of antioxidants and polyphenols. Antioxidants and polyphenols are naturally occurring chemical compounds in these fruits. They contribute strongly to the bitter taste of these fruits especially when you take into consideration the high content of these compounds found in the fruits.

It is unreasonable to ask anyone to drink any of these juices without improving the taste. Yes, I know that there are some of you out there that believe that in order for something to be good for you it has to taste bad. (I have some dot com stock I’d like to sell to you.) So if these fruits have so much to offer in the way of health benefits why not make them more palatable? Some companies have taken this thought to the extreme and only use 10% to 20% of the specific fruit in their products and bury it underneath a lot of sugar and water and a host of other juices.

Currently selling in Wal-Mart is an Acai juice that makes some unbelievable claims. (Don’t forget I still have that stock if you’re interested.) The makers of that juice act as if they believe that acai juice will replace orange juice. Let me tell you that that will never happen. Here’s why: #1 Cost. Acai is far more expensive than oranges. Also it takes a hundred times more acai berries than oranges to make a quart of juice. #2. Juice. Oranges have juice Acai does not. Each orange has juice and naturally occurring sugars that make it taste good. Remember that the acai is not a berry at all. It is a date. It has a thick hard shell with an even thinner layer of pulp surrounding an enormous seed. It has no juice! It has oils. The acai has to go through a process that literally beats the outer shell off of the seed. This process requires adding water to the pulp to allow it to flow through the machinery and into drums that can be frozen. It is from this pulp that acai juice is made. In the final analysis this Wal-Mart acai is probably less than 9% Acai and not a good choice if you are looking to benefit from this fruit.

Somewhere in the middle of all of the juices on the market we find the true nature and taste of Acai. And in spite of many of these companies and all of their marketing Acai really does have some remarkable qualities. You can take advantage of these qualities and benefits by knowing what to look for. Obviously you don’t want to buy a Wal-Mart acai for the benefits of acai. First you look for content: Acai pulp, acai puree acai juice are the best forms of acai. Reconstituted acai, freeze dried acai or acai powders are lower quality products that have to have water added to them. Next, look for quality: The amount of acai in the container or per serving. 100% acai will taste absolutely awful. Unfortunately most companies do not tell you how much acai is in their juice claiming to protect a super secret proprietary formula. However there are a few companies that disclose the amount of acai in their products. Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai has 85% acai. We are the only company to actually research the optimal acai content percentages balanced with other juices. We found that anything over 88% acai will have a bad taste to it because of the naturally occurring oils. We even did market research and found that most people prefer the ratio of 85% acai with the remaining 15% a combination of just two other juices. Additional findings demonstrated full benefits with this ratio. No wonder it taste so good and customers rave about the benefits.

Studies have proven that the antioxidants found in acai are absorbed by the human body and are distributed throughout by the blood stream. Other studies have demonstrated in-vitro killing of certain cancer cells. Acai contains oil that is better than virgin olive oil. It contains the fatty acids omega 6 & 9. Omega 3 has been found in the acai but in such incredibly small amounts that you would have to consume unreasonably large quantities to derive any benefit. It has protein and fiber. It has a special class of plant pigments or anthocyanins that give it a very high antioxidant capacity. It also contains naturally occurring B vitamins, iron and calcium.

Acai supports the following:

Heart health, immune system, appetite suppression, improved energy levels, better sleep, relief from hot flashes, relief from inflammation including arthritis and prostate and improved circulation

So, you can enjoy the health benefits of acai if the product has a high quantity of the fruit, the right quality of the fruit and if you add it to your daily regiment as a dietary supplement. It tastes great in the morning along side breakfast or as a mid meal snack. Keep in mind that many Brazilians use acai as a food staple because of its high nutrient factors. You can read in more about acai at www.brazilbotanicals.com.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Quality of Dr. Tim's Juices

There are a lot of juices to choose from. We want you to try our Dr. Tim’s Juices. We believe that our quality, taste and value are unsurpassed in the industry. We have invested hours of laboratory and market research to identify the optimum balance of flavor and functionality of these juices. Our phones are busy with great customers calling in to tell us how much they enjoy our juices and the positive results they are experiencing from taking them daily.