Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why Do People Drink Acai Juice?

Why do people drink Acai juice? Is it because it tastes good? What happens to you when you drink Acai juice?

Acai juice comes from the Acai date palm fruit more commonly spoken of as a berry. In reality the Acai does not render juice as we have come to expect from other berries. The Acai skin is scraped away from a very dense large seed. This is then mixed into a pulp which releases the oils and deep purple color from the fruit. This pulp is used to make the Acai juice. Because Acai doesn’t have naturally occurring sweet sugars the pulp has a guacamole paste like consistency with a taste that is earthy and is more suited as a savory dish not a sweet juice. But then add a sweetener such as other fruit juices, honey or even sugar and the taste transforms into a cherry-berry chocolate flavor that is very unique.

Why buy 100% Acai juice? Most Acai juice that claims to be 100% is very expensive and tastes bitter and even rancid. So, I am not sure why anyone would buy 100% Acai juice. Even if you diluted it with other juices you add an unreasonable cost that is not necessary. I find that there are many Acai juices that are blends that contain 10 to 20% juice. I have only been able to find one juice that has a lot of Acai juice, over 85% that is blended with two other juices. The taste is remarkably smooth and very delicious. This is absolutely the only juice that tells you how much you are getting. The cost is reasonable as well. In fact, for the cost of buying one bottle of 100% Acai juice plus the other juices you buy to add to mix it with you can buy two bottles of Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai. Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai is ready to drink.

Why do people even drink Acai Juice? Acai has many reported and distorted pieces of information about what its’ real benefits may be. Reliably you can trust that Acai provides a very healthy amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants are key in fighting disease producing inflammation especially as it affects the heart. Some studies even show affects against certain types of cancer cells. There are also healthy fatty acids called omega 6 and 9, fiber, protein and anthocyanins. These elements also help boost the immune system. I think people drink Acai juice to feel good and to be healthy.

Acai looks to be a legitimate healthy addition to your diet. Acai juice that is high in Acai content and tastes good is the most sensible and reasonable way to get it. Look for the USDA Organic certification as this is a sign of quality.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Coconut Water Gains Attention

Great article about coconut water at this link ISO-5 powered by young coconut water, complete hydration

Dr. Oz & Dr. Tim promote Noni juice

Dr. Oz recently aired an episode extolling the benefits of drinking Noni Juice. I remember when I first heard of Noni juice. I was intrigued by the attention it was getting at the time. I expected a unique taste experience. Boy was I surprised, it was a unique taste experience alright, but not the way I had hoped. However, after working with it, understanding the health benefits and finding a way to make it taste better I came to rather like Noni juice. Have you tried Noni yet? What do you think of it? Why do you drink noni?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

ISO-5 Championship Hydration

Here we are at the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship party follwing their world championship! Dr. Tim's ISO-5 all natural hydration sports drink powered by young coconut water was proud to supply the Blackhawk team for their hydration needs all through the 2009-2010 season. Pictured from left to right: Jeff Lozinski, VP Sales & Marketing Dr. Tim's Juices, Dr. Tim, CEO Dr. Tim's Juices, The Stanley Cup, Mike Gapski, Trainer Chicago Blackhawks, Julie Burns, Dietitian Chicago Blackhawks. Good luck to our chicago Blackhawks this year, we're right with you!

Look Who's Got Jungle Juice!

Shannon Bahrke two time Olympic winter games medalist and Dr. Tim with Dr. Tim’s Jungle Juice. Jungle Juice uses a very important energy driving element called ribose. This is what makes Jungle Juice the safest most effective energy shot on the market.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


For a limited time only you can get Free Shipping and a Free Bottle of juice! This is an Amazing Savings deal. When you buy $150.00 or more of juice you get free shipping and you still get a free bottle of juice with every 5 bottles you purchase. This won't last foe long. It is a limited time only offer so take advantage of this Amazing Savings deal.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Drinking And Pregnancy OK"ed By Study?

I think this study came from the same people who think that you can be "just a little pregnant". It is intereseting that how the study was performed gets more kudo's than the actual results. If you read closely however you will find that the study does have its merits. The problem with a study like this is that it will enable some to justify the consumption of alcohol beyond what is safe while pregnant. Not to mention the effects that wide emotional swings and cravings can have on such justification. What do you think? Is it worth it to put your unborn child at risk for fetal alcohol syndrome?

Are Legal Steroids Safe Or Really Legal?

There is a trend in the sports training arena regarding performance enhancement supplements. We have all heard about anabolic steroids and the bad side effects related to them. These are banned substances now at most levels of competition. Major League Baseball seems to be where the latest news and uproar has been centered.

However, I want to shed some light on a newer more dangerous and troubling trend with these performance enhancement products: Pro-Hormones. No, it doesnt stand for professional hormone but one could easily make that connection. Pro-hormone suggests that the substance is a precursor hormone. The theory behind the "pro-hormone" products is that it is not a steroid when you take it, but rather converts to an anabolic steroid after consuming it thereby resulting in large muscular gains. After you consume the product in converst through an enzymatic process into the same banned steroids.

The really scarry part of this is that High School athletes and coaches think this is acceptable because it is not a steroid before it enters the body. These pro-hormones will do as much damage if not potentially more than the traditional anabolic steroid. The other problem with this is that the manufacturers of these pro-hormones are unregulated and have no standards of performance or safety. It is entirely reasonable to assume that takers of these products are subjecting themselves to unsafe variable doses that are untested and unchecked for efficacy or effectivieness. Keep in mind that these manufacturers ascribe to the belief that "if a little is good then alot is better" appealing to the unsuspecting athlete and potentially creating a metabolic timebomb.

These pro-hormones are sold by all of the bodybuilding web sites and even reputable retail outlets such as GNC and others. They actually advertise them as "legal steroids". Please caution your athletes, coaches and children regarding this very dangerous situation.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ISO-5 now at Garden Fresh Markets in Chicago

Our coconut water sports drink ISO-5 is now available at Garden Fresh Markets in Chicago. Garden Fresh Markets is an upscale 8 store grocery store chain in the north suburbs of Chicago. ISO-5 is the worlds best tasting coconut water. Just ask the Chicago Blackhawks!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Exotic Tail Gate Treats!

Here is a great treat idea for you tailgaters out there: Acai bowl. It is so easy to make. Get some frozen bananas, strawberries and whatever else frozen fruit you like and put them in the blender along with Dr. Tim's Brazilian Acai juice. Blend it until smooth then pour into a bowl with some granola and a little agave. This makes an amazing energy packed snack that will keep you going for the whole game. Or for those colder days take along Dr. Tim's Tibetan Goji and serve it hot. This makes a great tasting drink that will you keep your bones warm throught the 4th quarter. Good luck to your favorite team!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dr. Tim Launches

Keep watching for the launch of our new weekly feature called "". will be weekly video blog featuring me, Dr. Tim sampling juices, dietary supplements and talking about the latest juice craze so that you can know what to expect and how to choose what's best for you. We'll debunk myths and decode marketing jargon. I am passionate about building great products that help people, we don't just sell juices, we make and sell juices that work! I want everyone to know how to make good choices when it comes to these kinds of products. We are going to have alot of fun with this. We will also answer questions, talk about health related issues and have guests. So join us weekly for

Friday, September 24, 2010

Organic Certifiers confirm USDA Organic certification for Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai juice

St. George, Utah Organic Certifiers of Ventura, California confirm USDA Organic certification for Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai juice. “Certified Organic Acai juice is a singularly important and exclusive validation of our Acai juice supply” says Dr. Tim Hollingshead, CEO of Dr. Tim’s Juices. It is particularly important in light of the fact that there are many Acai products available but only a few that have USDA Organic certification.

Dr. Tim’s Juices is a Utah based company founded and lead by Dr. Tim Hollingshead, a physician and surgeon who has re-dedicated his purpose to providing healthy alternatives to the consumer. USDA certified mangosteen juice is hard to come by. “We import our Acai juice and Acai berry puree and apply our Cryoflux concentration technology to protect bioactivity and potency.” This along with the USDA certification sets Dr. Tim’s Juices apart from the rest of the Acai juice purveyors.

Acai berries are grown throughout the Amazon with the majority of them coming from Brazil. Acai is a unique fruit with a flavor profile to match. It is used in both savory and sweet applications. It has a very thin amount of inner flesh covered by a deep purple outer skin known for its antioxidant content. USDA Certification ensures proper growing and harvesting techniques are employed that protect both the harvest and the environment guaranteeing the nutritional value of that crop.

How to test for the best acai juice

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Organic Certifiers of Ventura, California confirm USDA Organic certification for Dr. Tim’s Thai Mangosteen juice

St. George, Utah Organic Certifiers of Ventura, California confirm USDA Organic certification for Dr. Tim’s Thai Mangosteen juice. “Certified Organic mangosteen juice is a singularly important and exclusive validation of our mangosteen juice supply” says Dr. Tim Hollingshead, CEO of Dr. Tim’s Juices. It is particularly important in light of the fact that the mangosteen fruit was once banned in the U.S.

Dr. Tim’s Juices is a Utah based company founded and lead by Dr. Tim Hollingshead, a physician and surgeon who has re-dedicated his purpose to providing healthy alternatives to the consumer. USDA certified mangosteen juice is hard to come by. “We import our mangosteen juice and apply our Cryoflux concentration technology to protect bioactivity and potency.” This along with the USDA certification sets Dr. Tim’s Juices apart from the rest of the mangosteen juice purveyors.
Mangosteen is a fruit grown in Southeast Asia and is purported to have a truly delicious inner fruit surrounded by an outer shell known for its antioxidant content. USDA Certification ensures proper growing and harvesting techniques are employed that protect both the harvest and the environment guaranteeing the nutritional value of that crop.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dr. Tim’s Juices receives re-certification for USDA Organic Certified mangosteen juice.

St. George, Utah Sept 08, 2010. Dr. Tim’s Juices a Saint George, Utah based company specializing in the formulation and manufacturing of healthy beverages from exotic fruit juices received re-certification from Organic Certifiers of Ventura, California. “We are very happy to continue offering USDA Certified products to our customers” says Dr. Tim Hollingshead CEO of Dr. Tim’s Juices.

Other companies claim to be the only source of USDA Organic Certified juices such as Mangosteen but this is just not true. Dr. Tim’s Thai Mangosteen is USDA Certified Organic and happens to be one of the best tasting mangosteen juices available.

USDA Certification ensures among many things that the fruits used in this case Dr. Tim’s Juices are grown and harvested in such a way that no chemicals or pesticides are used and that the farming efforts do not harm or the ground or surrounding environment. USDA agents make regular visits to our fields and groves as well as monitor documents and processes to provide accurate certification.

Friday, April 9, 2010

New Maqui Juice

Dr. Tim's Juices Announces New Maqui Juice

Maqui & Acai or is it Maqui or Acai?

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about Maqui and how it compares to Acai. I think Maqui is another great “Super Fruit” and has some unique characteristics that make it a very valuable addition to this family. But don’t be ready to throw out the Acai just yet. Maqui does have nearly 2 times the ORAC that Acai has and it is a true berry. Maqui taste very good and has been used by the Mapuches Indians in the Chilean Patagonia. However, Maqui lacks the oils and the Omegas 6 & 9 that Acai has. Acai is a whole food supplement while Maqui contributes a good tasting juice. My recommendation is to use both and enjoy the unique benefits from both.

Our bodies are designed to utilize many elements for nutrition. The last time there was just one food available with all of the nutrients was during biblical times when manna was supplied from the heavens. So keep eating a variety and drink a variety of juices. And we'll keep making them.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

So, what is all the fuss about over Acai on the internet?

Why is it such a big deal? Why has this product been so over-promoted, maligned and praised?

Our world gets smaller and smaller each day as access to information real or otherwise accelerates. The internet facilitates this access and spreads information at lightening speed. At times it is hard to know what is real and what is not. Overnight stores pop up on the internet selling or should I say creating the latest craze. Last year the Acai berry became an unsuspecting victim of this internet phenomenon.

The internet and Multi-Level-Marketers played a pivotal role in the over-promotion of Acai. While this nearly esoteric fruit brought out of obscurity by a couple of dumb-lucked surfer dudes really has health benefiting properties the perpetrators of these extreme and questionable business plans greedily overstated the value of Acai. Both business plans spawn minions through affiliate sites and “independent distributors”. And just like the old game “Secret” where one person begins whispering a benign phrase into the ear of another and so on and so on until it reaches the end distorted and obtuse so do these affiliates and independent distributors zealously fuel their minions with dreams of riches and half truths about Acai.

Acai became somewhat maligned in 2009 through the half baked claims of miracle weight loss. Offers for “Acai diet pills” and “free offer trials” inundated the electronic market place like a tsunami. Both unsuspecting and careless consumers signed up in droves to get their “free” bottle of acai miracle pills only to find out that they were trapped in recurring charges on their credit cards and that the pills were useless placebos. But, who could resist with the likes of Oprah and Dr. Oz, Matt Lauer, CBS News and others seemingly promoting the touted effects of these pills on these web sites? The truth of the matter is that the images and or likeness of all of these celebrities and organizations were plagiarized and misquoted. It turns out that the companies who developed this strategy to take advantage of Acai, celebrities and consumers were pursued by the law. Several states Attorneys General went after these unscrupulous firms requiring them to be forthcoming with the details of their programs and shuttered many of them through large financial judgments.

So how is it then that this Acai berry is till growing in popularity? Are people really praising it? I think the answer to the first question is that because the Acai berry has legitimate health benefits. And that is the answer to the second question as well. Acai has been used for centuries along the Amazon River basin. There is even a legend about the Acai berry that originated with the tribes of this region. It has been used as a food staple in the diets of these individuals for centuries. The berries are collected and used in everyday cooking. It has a nutritional profile that adds important elements such as fiber, antioxidants, omega 6 & 9, B vitamins and other health promoting components. The people of this region thrive on the Acai. Studies of groups of individuals who eat Acai on a regular basis compare to those who do not show that those who use Acai have higher levels of HDL the good cholesterol and lower levels of the bad cholesterol LDL. They also were found to be free of heart disease and had healthier hearts. Acai also helps to strengthen the immune system and improve both skin and hair health.
Acai came to the States as a novelty heralded for its energizing capacity, no doubt a welcome side effect from the heart health benefits. The Acai berry is a fickle fruit. The taste of fresh Acai is unforgettable and peculiar. It is not at all disagreeable when prepared fresh. It is not sweet but has a raw sense that is smooth and faintly avocado-like. The locals eat it with shrimp, fish or mandioc. Then in an instant they transform this savory purple porridge into the most remarkable dessert. With a touch of honey or a splash of fruit juice the flavor explodes into a desirable and deliciously unique chocolate berry like ambrosia. No wonder the people of the Amazon protect the rainforest to allow the Acai to grow prolifically.
But Acai fruit is as delicate as it is fickle. Once harvested by hand, the only way it can be done, it must be rushed within hours to market or the local processing plant. At market it is both bought and sold for fresh consumption that very morning. At the processing plants it is prepared for international distribution. It is here where all Acai sold outside of Brazil is turned into a penetrating purple pigmented puree. As a frozen puree the Acai loses its fresh raw avocado-like sense and turns somewhat bitter and uncharacteristically distasteful. “That is why we formulated our Acai drink with just two other juices at just the right ratio to bring out the true Acai flavor that is both sweet and delicious” says Dr. Tim of Dr. Tim’s Juices. Dr Tim’s Juices is a Southern Utah based company selling this juice into retail outlets. They are the only company that cares about bringing the real taste and quality of the Acai to the US consumer. They developed their own processing technology that protects the juice. “Our customers tell us all of the time that they like the taste of our juice over others”. Dr. Tim says “I want the US and even the global consumer to be able to enjoy the real taste of Acai in a delicious ready to drink format and reap the health benefits as well”. Science is catching up to acai as well with new article published monthly validating its’ health benefits.

The realistic praises and benefits of Acai seem to be stabilizing the presence and reputation of the berry. Acai is more readily available and used more widely today than it was even a year ago. It is finding its way into the diets of hundreds of thousands as a daily supplement. It is proving itself to be the real deal by improving the health of its users. It has survived a most curious course to popularity and is here to stay. So go find some acai and give it a try.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Residents of Macapa announce their healthy advantage over the world with the discoveries made by Dr. Edward Costa cardiologist. Dr. Costa conducted research on the people of this town to determine if there were any advantages to consuming Acai. Macapa the capital city in the state of Amapa, Brazil is situated on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Amazon River. The people of this reagion eat Acai as a regular part of their diets. Dr. Costa a resident of the state of Amapa who developed this research at the Federal University of Para, discovered that Acai whether in juice, pulp or puree contains a significant element known as “anthocyanins”. These anthocyanins increase HDL or healthy cholesterol and lowers LDL or bad cholesterol and thereby significantly reducing the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Costa who researches drugs to reverse and prevent heart disease examined and tracked 300 people from 6 different cities in the region. The research was designed to investigate if in fact the Acai fruit can combat the heart disease including cardiac hypertrophy or enlarged heart. The subjects in this investigation were divided into two groups those who eat Acai and those who do not.

“We found that those individuals who consume Acai on a regular basis had higher HDL levels than those who do not eat Acai” reports Dr. Costa. “We also found higher levels of LDL among those who do not eat Acai compared to those who do”. HDL is the good cholesterol and LDL is the bad. The results of this study reveal Acai to be a non-pharmaceutically based treatment for the prevention of cardiac disease that is both responsible and sustainable. One of the interesting findings was that Acai did not supply a significant amount of iron to the diet. Dr Costa says “Acai does not contain iron. Acai is a normal fruit. However it is rich in fiber and monounsaturated fats (the good ones).”

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Acai has a unique taste. It has been described many ways including chocolate-berry flavor to mixed berry flavor to avocado like. The real flavor profile of Acai is not sweet nor berry like. In fact the reason for consuming Acai is not for the flavor or because it a delicious fruit but because of its antioxidants and health benefits.

Acai has a lot to offer in the way of health benefits. It contains anthocyanins which are high in antioxidants, monounsaturated fats which are good for you, fiber, iron, protein and B vitamins. It is used as a food staple among the “riberinhos” or river dwellers of the Amazon Basin because of its life sustaining properties. Beyond the Amazon Basin in Brazil the Acai is eaten in many forms including sorbet, jam and as a frozen slush mixed with granola and honey. Over 90% of the Acai is consumed in Brazil.

Acai is sold in the world predominately as a juice or in juice form. This is so because of its delicate nature and inability to be preserved in any other form other than a puree or juice. Acai is available in a variety of blends and mixtures and even as a 100% puree or juice. One quickly learns that 100% Acai is very bitter and distasteful. And most that chose to consume it this way mix it with other things in order to tolerate its natural flavor profile.

One of the more remarkable characteristics of Acai is its ability to turn into an amazingly delicious and flavorful fruit once combined with just the right ratio of special juices. In fact along the Amazon River the riberinhos who eat Acai primarily as an unsweetened porridge and dip for fish and shrimp will occasionally add a bit of honey to the Acai and transform it into the most unique and pleasantly flavorful dessert.

Acai juice as it is available here in the U.S. can come in a variety of mixtures and blends. From high quality delicious supplements such as Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai to very low quality versions that can be found in super markets such as Wal-Mart. The Dr. Tim’s brand does the best job in delivering the most authentic Acai flavor without the bitterness. The Wal-Mart brands offer a juice that is Acai in name only, is mostly water and sugar and taste just like any other fruit punch on the shelf.

The science behind the health benefits of Acai is growing. With over 100 research articles published we are learning more and more about Acai and why it is good for us. Recent research has revealed that Acai lowers bad cholesterol, is a strong antioxidant that gets into the blood stream and is effective in fighting diseases related to inflammation such as heart disease, arthritis and autoimmune disorders. It has been demonstrated in the laboratory to fight certain types of cancer cells such as Leukemia.

To find Acai that tastes like Acai and is delicious without compromising quality and quantity of Acai you must read the labels. To take advantage of the health benefits of Acai you need to find the brands of juice that deliver on quantity. The Acai juices sold mostly as dietary supplements contain more Acai than others. Look for brands that deliver 80% or more real Acai in their products and have a short ingredient list. Also look for fruit content that exceeds 22,000mg of fruit per serving and stay away from the bitter and distasteful 100% Acai products. Beware of the other end of the spectrum and avoid the confusion of cheap Wal-Mart brands. And above all, remember that the real reason to buy an Acai product is to enjoy the health benefits that come from the Acai berry fruit.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Saint George, Utah. Acai has some very good benefits. Unfortunately these benefits are clouded by the uneducated claims made by over zealous marketers. “I am always searching for new results being published in reputable scientific journals” says Dr. Tim of Dr. Tim’s Juices. The consumer may be feeling a little deceived about acai and hesitant to supplement their diets with this remarkable fruit. And this is understandable given the tsunami of false claims that inundated the web last year. Dr. Tim continues “ I think we are beyond the untruthful claims of miracle weight loss and magic acai pills”.

But the science requisite to validate the anecdotal claims has been scarce. However we are starting to see some credible evidence supporting acai as an effective and essential dietary supplement. Most of the research is being conducted in animal models and demonstrating some very interesting results.

A recent study reported in the Journal of Medicinal Food 2009 Oct;12(5):1084-8 conducted at the Universidade de Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais, Brasil concluded that consumption of acai improves anti-oxidant status and decreases bad cholesterol. M. Oliveira De Souza et al of the Núcleo de Pesquisas em Ciências Biológicas investigated the antioxidant potential and hypocholesterolemic effects of acai (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) pulp ingestion in rats fed a standard or hypercholesterolemic diet. This means that rats who were fed a high cholesterol diet and tested positive for high cholesterol and then had their diets supplemented with Acai showed two things: #1. the study proves the antioxidant significance of acai supplementation in living organisms and #2. acai supplementation was effective in reducing cholesterol levels. Keep in mind that this study now needs to be performed on human subjects. Nonetheless these results are very important and further validate and confirm much of the anecdotal evidence we are seeing with acai consumption.

It is important for the consumer to know that supplementing ones diet with acai can result in positive health benefits. Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai has been proven to have 85%+ acai content and is a very good source of potent, bioactive acai in the best tasting format. They offer a best taste guarantee and are very reasonably priced. For more information go to

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


St. George, Utah By now most of us are sick and tired of seeing all of those phony weight loss ads claiming Acai to be the driving ingredient in so many pills. We have been bombarded with so much information regarding the acai berry it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. Some of the ads were so believable that even I had to go back and search the scientific literature to re-check the facts. The reality of Acai is that even though it will not magically melt your unwanted fat from your body it still has some rather impressive qualities.

I want to make sure that everyone reading this article knows that we make Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai. We make this and other juices to taste as fresh as possible and protect the flavor integrity of the fruit. Now, in truth most of the exotic fruits that are marketed today including acai are not sweet and delicious. They are bitter and somewhat distasteful. There are some exceptions such as the inner fruit of the mangosteen and the maqui berry. Even the goji berry is tolerable. However the taste of many of these fruits is somewhat challenged because of the high level of antioxidants and polyphenols. Antioxidants and polyphenols are naturally occurring chemical compounds in these fruits. They contribute strongly to the bitter taste of these fruits especially when you take into consideration the high content of these compounds found in the fruits.

It is unreasonable to ask anyone to drink any of these juices without improving the taste. Yes, I know that there are some of you out there that believe that in order for something to be good for you it has to taste bad. (I have some dot com stock I’d like to sell to you.) So if these fruits have so much to offer in the way of health benefits why not make them more palatable? Some companies have taken this thought to the extreme and only use 10% to 20% of the specific fruit in their products and bury it underneath a lot of sugar and water and a host of other juices.

Currently selling in Wal-Mart is an Acai juice that makes some unbelievable claims. (Don’t forget I still have that stock if you’re interested.) The makers of that juice act as if they believe that acai juice will replace orange juice. Let me tell you that that will never happen. Here’s why: #1 Cost. Acai is far more expensive than oranges. Also it takes a hundred times more acai berries than oranges to make a quart of juice. #2. Juice. Oranges have juice Acai does not. Each orange has juice and naturally occurring sugars that make it taste good. Remember that the acai is not a berry at all. It is a date. It has a thick hard shell with an even thinner layer of pulp surrounding an enormous seed. It has no juice! It has oils. The acai has to go through a process that literally beats the outer shell off of the seed. This process requires adding water to the pulp to allow it to flow through the machinery and into drums that can be frozen. It is from this pulp that acai juice is made. In the final analysis this Wal-Mart acai is probably less than 9% Acai and not a good choice if you are looking to benefit from this fruit.

Somewhere in the middle of all of the juices on the market we find the true nature and taste of Acai. And in spite of many of these companies and all of their marketing Acai really does have some remarkable qualities. You can take advantage of these qualities and benefits by knowing what to look for. Obviously you don’t want to buy a Wal-Mart acai for the benefits of acai. First you look for content: Acai pulp, acai puree acai juice are the best forms of acai. Reconstituted acai, freeze dried acai or acai powders are lower quality products that have to have water added to them. Next, look for quality: The amount of acai in the container or per serving. 100% acai will taste absolutely awful. Unfortunately most companies do not tell you how much acai is in their juice claiming to protect a super secret proprietary formula. However there are a few companies that disclose the amount of acai in their products. Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai has 85% acai. We are the only company to actually research the optimal acai content percentages balanced with other juices. We found that anything over 88% acai will have a bad taste to it because of the naturally occurring oils. We even did market research and found that most people prefer the ratio of 85% acai with the remaining 15% a combination of just two other juices. Additional findings demonstrated full benefits with this ratio. No wonder it taste so good and customers rave about the benefits.

Studies have proven that the antioxidants found in acai are absorbed by the human body and are distributed throughout by the blood stream. Other studies have demonstrated in-vitro killing of certain cancer cells. Acai contains oil that is better than virgin olive oil. It contains the fatty acids omega 6 & 9. Omega 3 has been found in the acai but in such incredibly small amounts that you would have to consume unreasonably large quantities to derive any benefit. It has protein and fiber. It has a special class of plant pigments or anthocyanins that give it a very high antioxidant capacity. It also contains naturally occurring B vitamins, iron and calcium.

Acai supports the following:

Heart health, immune system, appetite suppression, improved energy levels, better sleep, relief from hot flashes, relief from inflammation including arthritis and prostate and improved circulation

So, you can enjoy the health benefits of acai if the product has a high quantity of the fruit, the right quality of the fruit and if you add it to your daily regiment as a dietary supplement. It tastes great in the morning along side breakfast or as a mid meal snack. Keep in mind that many Brazilians use acai as a food staple because of its high nutrient factors. You can read in more about acai at

Friday, January 8, 2010

Quality of Dr. Tim's Juices

There are a lot of juices to choose from. We want you to try our Dr. Tim’s Juices. We believe that our quality, taste and value are unsurpassed in the industry. We have invested hours of laboratory and market research to identify the optimum balance of flavor and functionality of these juices. Our phones are busy with great customers calling in to tell us how much they enjoy our juices and the positive results they are experiencing from taking them daily.