Friday, September 24, 2010

Organic Certifiers confirm USDA Organic certification for Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai juice

St. George, Utah Organic Certifiers of Ventura, California confirm USDA Organic certification for Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai juice. “Certified Organic Acai juice is a singularly important and exclusive validation of our Acai juice supply” says Dr. Tim Hollingshead, CEO of Dr. Tim’s Juices. It is particularly important in light of the fact that there are many Acai products available but only a few that have USDA Organic certification.

Dr. Tim’s Juices is a Utah based company founded and lead by Dr. Tim Hollingshead, a physician and surgeon who has re-dedicated his purpose to providing healthy alternatives to the consumer. USDA certified mangosteen juice is hard to come by. “We import our Acai juice and Acai berry puree and apply our Cryoflux concentration technology to protect bioactivity and potency.” This along with the USDA certification sets Dr. Tim’s Juices apart from the rest of the Acai juice purveyors.

Acai berries are grown throughout the Amazon with the majority of them coming from Brazil. Acai is a unique fruit with a flavor profile to match. It is used in both savory and sweet applications. It has a very thin amount of inner flesh covered by a deep purple outer skin known for its antioxidant content. USDA Certification ensures proper growing and harvesting techniques are employed that protect both the harvest and the environment guaranteeing the nutritional value of that crop.

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