Saturday, December 20, 2008

Have a hangover? ISO-5 to the rescue!

With the Holidays upon us many of us will spend more time socializing at parties. From the office party to the big celebration when we usher in the New Year many will gather and imbibe. For those who may be inclined to include the consumption of alcohol in these celebrations I want to give you a way to combat the negative effects of the dreaded hangover. A hangover is a condition related to dehydration. Alcohol can cause the body to lose 3% more body fluid in a 4-hour period, leading to dehydration even quicker (5). So here are a couple of suggestions; Don’t drink and drive. Drink Dr. Tim’s ISO-5 which has all of the necessary electrolytes and the right carb to protein ratio. It is the most efficient and effective rehydration drink available. It is powered by young coconut water and is all natural without any added sugars. It is delicious with a unique and alluring smooth finish.

5. Shirreffs SM. (1997). Restoration
of fluid balance after exercise-induced
dehydration: Effects of alcohol consumption.
Journal of Applied Physiology
83(4): 1152-1158.

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