Friday, December 5, 2008

Acai recognized for its ability to reduce inflammation

I am often asked by many of our great customers as to the major benefits of taking our juices. All of the juices are high in antioxidants and each brings its own respective profile to the equation. I recently came across some very interesting information regarding the acai berry that you might like to read about. I want to first point out that the acai berry is really a date or a date palm berry not a true berry. It is very useful with reducing the effects of inflammation. It was recently identified as one of the top ten foods that can help reduce inflammation. Here are some quotes that support this claim; “All hail, antioxidants and the Amazon berry that has an abundance of them—açai (pronounced: ahh-sa-ee). According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Açai-rich juice may reduce levels of inflammation markers linked to conditions such as heart disease by protecting cells from oxidative damage.”

“Given the high content of certain specific polyphenols in the juice blend, the increased antioxidant protection [in the body] after consumption of the juice blend, and the anti-inflammatory capacity in vitro, further research is warranted to evaluate whether juice blend consumption may provide reversal of risk markers in subjects with conditions such as arthritis, obesity, chronic viral diseases, cardiovascular disease and compromised cognitive function, as well as other conditions associated with chronic inflammation,” wrote lead author Gitte Jensen from Holger NIS Inc., a contract research laboratory.”

“Other research has indicated that the açai berry contains a wide array of inflammation-fighting antioxidant compounds and has great potential to be used as a natural inflammation remedy.”

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