Sunday, December 7, 2008

News from Dr. Tim

Hi, I am Dr. Tim. I want to tell you why we go to so much trouble to bring to you the superior quality of our juices while keeping the price so low. I created this company with the same motto I took upon becoming a doctor; “First Do No Harm.” This has a deeper meaning than what it might seem from first glance. I have always believed that the true underlying meaning begins with the promotion of ones self, services and or product. It means that you must tell the truth! There is no harm in knowing the truth in advance of purchasing goods and or services. That is why I work so hard at sharing as much information on our web site Then what you do must be for the good of the individual receiving the goods or services and not result in harm. I promise you that no other company in the exotic juice market Multilevel or traditional retail works so diligently as we do under this motto.

Unfortunately there are so many companies out there formed with the sole purpose of taking advantage of the consumer from the Acai Diet Pill Scam and its minion affiliate web sites to juice companies who only use the minimum amount of a juice in their product yet claim that it is the driving force behind their product. We work very hard to be a leading force in the market by delivering on two simple points: quality and value. We could charge $24 to $35 dollars per bottle, we could use reconstituted powders, we could use less juice and more fillers, we could put together a “Free Trial Offer”, we could take advantage of the consumer but WE DON’T! We respect you the customer and work hard to earn your trust. We are working against these negative trends and we take a lot of heat for it from our competitors. They don’t want us around because in telling the truth we inadvertently expose them. And our answer to them is “step up and be what you claim you are!”

Next I want to let you know that we are keeping our prices low at our expense to make sure that as many people as possible can afford the health benefits. In these tough economic times we want to make sure that everyone can have the chance of adding one or more of our exotic juices to there daily routine. On top of that is our special offer that provides for free shipping when you buy 5 or 10 bottles. Nobody else dares to do this. We do it because our great customers wanted a reward for purchasing in higher quantities. I thought it sounded reasonable so I made the decision to offer free shipping on the 5 and 10 bottle purchases. We want you to feel free to choose the amount you want to drink instead of being forced by a high cost to only drink the minimum. We want to earn your next purchase because of quality. Our great customers choose to repurchase Dr. Tim’s Exotic Juices instead of being forced to purchase through some automatic recurring charge.

Finally, as a physician and a father I know the value of having such a healthy array of juices available for me and my family. We avoid so many of the colds and flu’s because we use the exotic juices in our diet. In addition to that we feel better and see how it improves our health. Pharmaceutical medicine has its place. But so much money, time and health can be saved by simply adding one of our juices to your diet. Dr. Tim’s Exotic Juices are Mother Nature made and Doctor recommended. No other Exotic Juice is recommended as much as ours is by physicians and surgeons. We have pharmacies, medical clinics and rehab units using our Dr. Tim’s Exotic Juices for their patients. No other company is willing to go to such lengths to deliver a great tasting compliment of healthy Exotic Juices at reasonable prices and offer free shipping. No other company will work like we do to provide quality and value!

Have Fun, Drink More, Live Active,

Dr. Tim

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