Friday, January 2, 2009

Start The New Year Eating Nutritiously!

Ring out the old and ring in the new! If you haven't already, start 2009 by incorporating healthy eating habits into your diet.

What is a healthy diet? A healthy diet includes foods that are nutrient dense, meaning that they are high in beneficial nutrients when compared to the caloric value of the food. How does this translate into foods that you should eat? Dr. Perricone, a noted physician has a great slide show over at that summarizes his picks of "good foods". You can access the slide show here. Each of the foods he lists are high in beneficial nutrients. You'll note on slide number 9, that acai juice is listed as one of the beneficial beverages he lists. A healthy diet will help prevent chronic disease conditions that are so prevalent in society today.

Here at Dr. Tim's Juices, we provide a superior acai juice. It is 85% pure acai puree which is superior to other juices on the market. We do not add any preservatives, sugar or fillers. Try our Acai, we know that you'll benefit from drinking it and enjoy the flavor.

Here's to you and yours for a happy, healthy new year!

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