Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our customers speak out....

Recently I have been reading headlines that mislead consumers about ACAI. They are simply ads for other products aimed at selling consumers something that is loosely connected. Acai is a Super Food but not as a stand alone diet product.
The Oprah show that highlighted this berry as a superfood explains it best. This berry contains the most individual food components. It has protein, Carbs, fat, in addition to Omega 3 and 6, b vitamins for energy along with an impressive orac value. THAT’S IT. Yes, you could sustain life on this berry if it was the only choice and that what makes it a superfood. You don’t need to supplement many other components for a healthily diet.
Any product with this profile could be used in a diet, fulfill some dietary elements and with the proper exercise program can and will allow you to lose weight. But dieting is a lifestyle choice, eating healthy is suggested, along with moderation and control. This with a comprehensive exercise program will help many people. But there is no magic pill, you will not be able to take some Acai pill, Cleanse your system lose 10 lbs in 48 hours and keep it off without commitment to the lifestyle change. And no doctor will recommend this type of diet.
But Dr Tim’s Acai is a very powerful juice that helps in so many ways it can be and should be part of your diet to get all the good from this one organic berry. So enjoy the beverage, drink it as a juice, add it to other beverage and continue to be health conscience.
What I think is the true Super Drink, is the ISO-5. This really fits such an important part of our lifestyle. A sports drink with nothing added Nothing Artificial, and containing all the essential electrolytes. I love this drink and so do my kids. Keep up the good work.
Jeff L
Arlington Heights IL


Mr Rich said...

I have been using Acai since September and it has completely replaced my other Arthritis medications, which were principally Glucosamine Chondroitin. I have ordered a total of 9 bottles in the past months and given several of them away in the hope that the juice could help my friends as much as it has helped me.
I do have a complaint, concern that leaves me in doubt as to quality control. The latest bottle, which I am now consuming is dramatically darker, stronger and more pulpy than all previous bottles. I seems that it is probably the dregs from the bottom of the dispenser. This personally does not turn me off, although the taste is very strong. My feeling is that whatever is in Acai is in this bottle in abundance. If I had given this particular bottle to a friend with the assurance of a mild berry taste they would be thinking I am out of my mind.

Other than better quality control I have another problem. When I travel, which is frequently on 3 – 5 day trips bringing the juice through airport security is a problem. If I repackage it in a small bottle and am challenged I could be charged with drug possession in an unmarked or mis-marked container. I am careful to carry my other heart and high blood pressure medications only in their respective containers rather than put all the pills in a single small container. Refrigeration or lack thereof is also a concern.

It would be better if there were a smaller travel bottle. I believe the largest carry-on bottle is 4 ounces, but at least a sealed 4 oz. Bottle would not require refrigeration.

The product works for me but there are several down sides.

Glenda said...

Mr Rich, Thank you very much for your comments. We are glad to hear that our Acai is of benefit to you. We are currently designing a travel size bottle which we hope to have on the market soon. Quality control is important to us. We want you to be happy with our product. Please feel free to contact us at our 800 phone number with your concerns.