Monday, January 5, 2009

Nutrient Content of Acai

Just exactly why is acai considered to be a superfood?

There have been many articles in the mainstream media about acai being a powerful antioxidant, but until recently, there hasn't been a lot of reputable data on acai. Paul M. Gross, PhD., did a review of the current scientific literature regarding acai. He looked at the nutritional content of acai and compared it to other berries such as goji and blueberry, which are known to be highly nutritious. He showed that acai is higher in beneficial fat, vitamins A and E, minerals and fiber. He had positive conclusions regarding acai, especially when it comes to the potential for prevention of chronic diseases saying,

"Dozens of diseases have a component of oxidative stress at their origins, such as chronic inflammation, atherosclerosis, diabetes and cancer, and so may be prevented or inhibited by high-antioxidant fruit like açaí."

For the entire article, click here .

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