Thursday, March 31, 2011


Spring is a great time of year. It is like a rebirth as we emerge from the dark blanket of winter. For some, you might still be digging out from the last round of snow storms. Nonetheless it is a time to look forward to getting back outside and soaking in the warm sunshine. The flowers begin to bloom, the trees are popping with blossoms and the sun is up longer. One of the elements to a healthy lifestyle that I have recommended in past newsletters is getting enough sleep. I receive a lot of questions about this topic. Getting the right amount of rest is very important to our health. Sleep is important for concentration, memory formation and the repair of damage to your body's cells during the day. Chronic lack of sleep increases the risk for developing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and infections.

Here are some tips from The Comprehensive Epilepsy and Sleep Disorders Center at Baylor Regional Medical Center in Texas on how to improve your sleep time:

CONTROL CAFFEINE. The cycle of downing a large cup of coffee to wake up in the morning and more after dinner, whether out of habit or desire to stay up late, counters the body's ability to sleep soundly on its own. Go easy on the caffeine, especially in the six hours before bedtime.
STRESS LESS. Lying awake at night worrying about responsibilities at home or work does little besides making sleep more difficult, so just let your troubles go at bedtime. "Once your head hits the pillow, your only duty is to sleep," Raul Noriega, manager of the center, said in a Baylor news release.
RESCHEDULE THAT NIGHTTIME WORKOUT. Exercising helps your body, but doing it too close to bedtime might hurt it in the end, because it makes falling asleep more difficult. That's because sleep causes the body temperature to drop about a degree and, if you're heated up from exercise, it could take hours for you to cool down enough for sleep, Noriega said.
DEVELOP A SLEEP ROUTINE. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. Shut off the TV and music, turn down the lights and take a warm (not hot) shower to build an atmosphere of calm. And you might try reading in bed for a little bit before turning off the lights.
DIETARY SUPPLEMENTATION. I recommend adding Dr. Tim's Brazilian Acai to your diet.

Below you can see how it has been helping some of our great customers to get better sleep:

"I started taking Acai Berry juice 4 days ago, I am stunned. I have slept all night for the 1st time in about 2 years and my energy levels are through the roof, not to mention my mood, I am my happy go lucky old self again. Oh yeah and my husband is pretty happy with my new sex drive). I highly recommend this to anyone, young and old. I can attest to all the above things and am sure that it is doing all the other things it claims too....I am a believer and will continue to buy. I have now recommended it to my mom recently diagnosed with diabetes as well as other medical problems." - Shawn C.

"My wife and I have been drinking Dr. Tim's Exotic Acai Juice for a week now. We sat down at the dinner table and began to talk about the benefits of the regimen and we realized that we had stopped drinking coffee in the morning and never even realized it. We had not headaches, no irritability, and no energy loss due the absence of caffeine in our diet. We used to both drink coffee throughout the day spending about $5 each at Starbucks but since we began drinking the Juice we no longer need caffeine! Quite an unexpected benefit!" - GY California

"I love the acai I have a problem sleeping and the acai juice makes me rest all night and I feel so revived in the morning. I mix with a little grape juice and drink it down." - Dee P.

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