Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dr. Tim’s Belly-Fat-Blasting Smoothie

I often see ads that claim to “Melt Your Fat Away”. Oh if it were so easy as to “melt” your unwanted fat away, as if it could happen in such a timely way and manner that would make seem as if it were literally dripping off of your body. Can you imagine melting fat like candle wax? Plastic surgeons and health clubs would be nearly extinct. Although this doesn’t really happen this way, you can eat things that will aid you in your quest to lose the pounds of unwanted fat.

Recent research points to excessive belly and chest fat as the dangerous fat that can increase your chances of heart attack, diabetes and stroke. These areas also seem to be the most problematic areas to lose weight. Research also tells us that these are the first areas where we accumulate and store fat and the last areas to go when losing weight. So, to help with this effort I came up with this very effective Belly-Fat-blasting Smoothie. Each ingredient has been carefully selected based on its respective functionality and power. Give it a try and add it to your weight loss and or management routine.

Place in a blender:
½ cup Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai juice
½ banana
¾ cup berries
2T. whey powder
2T. ground flax seed
1T. psyllium husk
1T. Chia seed
1T. wheat germ
600 mg fish oil from supplement capsules. Be sure to break open the capsules and add only the oil from the capsules
3 ice cubes

Blend until creamy and drink.

Have Fun, Drink More, Live Active
Dr. Tim

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Physical Therapist Waldwick said...

Excellent advice! I am going to write the recipe in my note book. I will make it and hope I will lose my belly fat through it easily.