Friday, June 19, 2009

Acai Juice Testimonial

After being introduced to the benefits of the acai juice 3 months ago and how it can lower cholesterol levels, I did my research and stumbled upon Dr. Tim's site. I have been on medicine for the last 11 years to help lower my Triglyceride levels and over that time period have never been able to get them down low enough to be in recommended 31 to 150 range.

After only 2 months of taking Dr Tim's Acai juice I can honestly say that there has been significant improvement in my numbers that my doctor is allowing me to go off my medications. Triglycerides are down from 243 to 103, regular cholesterol is down from 134 to 92 and LDL has gone from 49 to 38. I feel I have final been able to conquer a battle that I've worked so hard at trying to control with diet, exercise and finally the dreaded costly medications.

The added bonus to the improved health is the money I will be able to save not having to purchase the meds. And in these economic times who doesn't want to be able to save some of their hard earned dollars.Thanks Dr. Tim for providing these products! Kevin, Kansas

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