Thursday, May 14, 2009

Japan Welcomes Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai

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May 14, 2009 Saint George, Utah: Dr. Tim of Dr. Tim’s Exotic Juices has signed a contract with a large distributor in Japan. Now Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai will be available in Japan. Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai was presented to a large group of distributors at a meeting in Tokyo where it was reviewed and accepted. Mr. T. Hashimoto president of the distribution chain says “We have never had such a high quality Acai drink available here in Japan” He continued “ Japanese standards are so demanding that we have only accepted Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai to distribute in Japan.”

Japan is a market with a growing demand for the amazing purple berry of the Amazon. The Japanese people have a growing affinity for the taste and the benefits. There has been very limited distribution for this kind of product in Japan due to the high governmental standards for imported beverages. The Japanese people understand the benefits of using natural products as dietary supplements. And with the explosion of western diets the demand for healthy alternatives grows stronger.

“We are so pleased and excited to have received this approval for our Brazilian acai” said Dr. Tim. Dr. Tim’s Exotic Juices is a Saint George, Utah company specializing in the formulation and production of natural products derived from exotic fruits. Besides the Acai they also make Tibetan Goji, Thai Mangosteen and Polynesian Noni. Dr. Tim is the president and CEO of Dr. Tim’s Exotic Juices. Their products can be found throughout the United States and online at

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