Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Acai Juice Testimonial

Acai MargaritaImage by Northcountry Boy via Flickr

I was given a bottle of that stuff, Mona Vie, to try for a friend who I guess was going into that tier system. I liked that it made me feel quite a bit better. So, I investigated and went to my local health food store. I was on another blend for several months till one day a friend said she got a pure source of the Acai from her health food store. I'm not to sure how pure hers is, but, on here Dr. Tim tells you his is 85% pure. So, I tried it and the rest has been history for me. I have almost no coffee anymore and eat a smaller more healthy portion of food at my meals. Everyone I tell about this stuff is very happy with the results. I live in a smaller town and the amount of people drinking Dr. Tim's juices is growing. You can't get near his price for the quality and the actual disclosure of pure Acai content. A gift from God to me. I'm so alive and alert and I have a lot of respect for Dr. Tim and his endeavor to keep the quality high, the price low and to keep looking for more of natures gifts. Read about the befits if you don't know. They are happening in my body. Thank you,


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