Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The female name “Mona” and the word “vie” literally means to challenge the woman named Mona. I am not sure how this applies to a multilevel marketing company intent on selling fruit juice blends with Acai juice among 18 other juices. Perhaps the real task is to challenge the quality and value of the juice called by the same name. If you take a bottle of this product and do the math on the contents per ounce it turns out that there would only be 1.3 ounces of each juice in their 25 ounce bottle. One ounce is the equivalent of approximately 30 milliliters or one Tablespoon. Their recommended daily dosage is one Tablespoon. So in that one Table spoon optimally you would be receiving only .05 ounces per serving of any one of the 19 juices in their Acai fruit punch. That is only 5% of the volume of a Tablespoon. That is as small as a teardrop. Now one bottle can cost $40.00. There are 25 servings per bottle which then comes to $1.60 per ounce. On a national average gasoline is only 4cents per ounce. Other companies sell 32 ounce bottles of 100% acai for the same $42.00 price but the taste of 100% pure acai is very bitter and hard to swallow. It seems the reasonable middle ground in this purple berry fight is to find a juice that is high in quality, content, ready to drink or rather good tasting and half the cost of these $40.00 bottles. The only product we have been able to find that fits this category is Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai. A 32 ounce bottle of Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai contains 85% real Acai with the remaining 15% a mixture of just two juices for flavor. And the good news is that the taste is outstanding. It really tastes like Acai. The cost is only $18.95 per bottle and when purchased in groups of 5 the shipping is free. No need to cry any tears over finding high quality, great tasting reasonably priced Acai with Dr. Tim’s Brazilian Acai.

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