Monday, March 30, 2009

Response to ABC News story about Expensive Super Juices

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Hi, this is Dr. Tim of Dr. Tim's Exotic Juices. It would have been great to have had our products included in Keri Glassman's spot on super fruits.

You can see our reasonable priced exotic juice products at I am retired surgeon and have developed our exotic juices to be 100% juice with each bottle containing 85% of the respective main juice and the remaining 15% a mix of just a couple of other juices to support the flavor profile. I developed this specific formula to be a ready to drink format. In the beginning so many of our customers were mixing our juice with other juices. So, after more market research and experimentation we found our formula to be optimal in providing high concentration, high quality juice to our consumers. In addition to that we are also reasonably priced at just $16.95/bottle. It even gets better when you order 5, 10 or 15 because then you get free shipping.

We work very hard to provide outstanding quality at a great value. Once you open one of our bottles of juice you immediately sense the high quality of our juice through flavor, color and thickness. I would love the opportunity to come on and explain just how different we are. Really, there is no other company in this industry founded and run by a real doctor, nor are there products that match ours in quality and value. We are growing rapidly because of this. We believe that we aren't just selling juice but really trust!

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