Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to "Jump Start" Your Day

I have a friend and colleague whose daily, early morning routine surprised me. As soon as he and his wife awaken each morning, and a half hour before breakfast, they both drink six ounces of his "own" health-promoting, "Morning Jump Start" tonic, a combination of my four Brazil Botanicals juices, Noni, Goji, Mangosteen and Acai juices. He prepares his combo drink every two weeks by combining a cup (8 ounces) of each of my four juices along with a cup of 100% grape juice and a cup of 100% pure pomegranate juice plus a cup of liquid vitamins and minerals. He also adds a bottle of my super Jungle Juice energy drink. Benefits? He and his wife get a huge load of anti-oxidants and useful nutrients from my four juices, plus essential vitamins, minerals, bioflavanoids, Coenzym Q10, herbals, essential fatty acids. They also improve their daily energy supply.

So, after four months of daily experience with his jump start tonic, how do the two of them really feel? They both report they feel much better, full of energy and able to achieve much more with no need for daily naps. I can attest that my friend is actively engaged in his marketing and manufacturing business ventures, many volunteer services, gardening and sports activities. He has won medals in golf and tennis and walks at least a mile a day. Pretty impressive when you realize that he is 80 years old and his equally active wife is 76. Now, will this tonic work for everyone? I believe it will. All of us want to feel better and have more energy to accomplish our daily tasks and enjoy life fully. His method works well for him and his wife, it's easy to prepare and is a tasty drink as well.


Linda said...

I see that you invest much time into continued research and follow-up counsel concerning lifestyle "changes" for the majority of us. You do have a life, right?
Although I inquire into healthy changes, my reality is that the self-motivation I once had barely exists. Those of us who are relatively healthy (despite what we know we should be doing) don't have the advantage of being in health-related careers, or of being direct caregivers to those who have a more visible need to daily remind us to follow a better lifestyle.
With such intense stress-causing factors all around us, I don't look for things to keep me healthy. Rather, I look for things to reward me for having "survived" a day: an ice-cream sandwich and a good game of Dominoes, for example. Do you not sometimes crave an orange soda?
So, how would you suggest we get from where "we are" to where "they are"? (and don't begin with "start slowly ..."!!!)
-informed, yet unmotivated

timhdpm said...

Thanks for the question. For clarity sake let me reiterate what i understand your comment and question to be. First, Yes, I do have a life. But we'll get to that later. What I understand you to be saying is that you lack self motivation. And because of stress you seek reward for merely getting by another day foregoing the opportunity to choose healthy alternatives. So, how do you get from there to somewhere else?
Let me start out by saying that knowledge doesn't equal to application or execution. Nor is knowledge good enough in many cases to drive motivation. If we all did what we knew to be right then we wouldn't have doctors who smoke, lawyers who lie, accountants who cheat and so on. I don't think knowledge or even motivation is the issue. I beleive that choice is the issue. Perhaps the greatest gift we have in this exsitence is the opportunity to choose. Especially in this one of the wealthiest countries in the worlds history. In a recent trip to a south Pacific island country help teach me this principle. The islands are a paradise. Beautiful with food in abundance. Fish, bananas, coconuts, fruits and vegetabels literally available just outside your window. These are the kindest most freindly people around. But because of the convenience of the abundance of their food supply little thought is taken to choose be prepared for what they are so vulnerable to...and that is a Tsunami. One event like this could wipe out their food supply and turn that paradise into a prison. So why don't they prepare? I don't know. Maybe it is that they are just so darn comfortable? Another example of choice was shared with me by a good freind. For mmost of his life he did nothing for his health. Approaching middle age one of his freinds just a couple of years older and in similar shape suffered a debilitating medical event. This prompted my freind to choose to do something about his own condition. He dropped 50 pounds in 5 months. I asked him why? His first response was that he became motivated by fear. The fear of dying or being reduced to vegetable state. The second more revealing answer was that he could choose to do it. He came to realization that he could either be the prisoner of his choice to do nothing or very little or that his choice could provide him a paradise of good health. The bottom line is that we need to exercise our God given priviledge choose. And that we are the prioduct of our choices. Whether victim or victor we can do almopst anything because we can choose! So, start slow if you want or shift it into to high gear but make the choice and get into action.

Diamond said...
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Linda said...

That was a rhetorical question, actually.
I have found a transition that works for me, and perhaps others can benefit. Having already tried Pomegranite Juice, I wasn't keen on trying the other potent juices. I found that combining the Pomegranite and Grape Juices by a 1/6 ratio with several ice cubes helped it be more palatable. Moving on from there, I noticed a brand that contained Acai, Blueberry, and Pomegranite flavored water, and tried it. That was very easy to drink, but I knew that the juices weren't plentiful enough to be very beneficial. Though I still have this drink in my home, I now concoct my own, using either Acai or Goji, Grape or Apple juices and a lot of water and ice. I wish the Acai and Grape combination were sweeter without adding sugar, and I'm not crazy about the Goji with anything, yet. I suppose it doesn't help that I don't like raisins. I believe that the flavored water product helped me transition into the stronger juices easily.
I also decided to buy a coconut once a week. Now, I know they aren't fresh, and they certainly aren't immature, but I think there is some benefit here, as well, by buying the mature fruit, and moving on to the more beneficial immature fruit, later. I remember reading somewhere the difference between bean sprouts and the mature bean; the sprouts have much more nutrition. So, I'm applying it here with the coconut. Since I don't really like the coconut milk/water anyway, this will get me accustomed to it slowly.
I have this routine which makes it fun. Two of my grandchildren visit on Mondays. We get out the tools to extract the coconut milk, then crack open the coconut. They have tried the milk, and it's growing on them. They love the coconut ("poconut"), and ask for it every week. I spoil them enough with "treats", but I feel pretty good about giving them something a bit more nutritious. Why not enjoy the benefits together?
At this stage in life, it seems that our choices and priorities have changed. I think I look good, I can move, I still have my faculties ... but I suppose I don't want to lose any more than I already have. I'm known for being pro-active - shame on me for not doing this sooner, and for not keeping up my exercise routines. I even tried jogging again (shock those joints some more) - that was a joke. I'll stick with the exercise routines that last longer than 1/4 mile or 3 minutes. Time to get this ball rolling before it's too late, eh?
So, that's how I'm doing it. Thanks for your input, anyway, but you were more philosophical and less concrete.